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7 Proven Persuasion Techniques to Boost Business Without Big Investments

In business, a single YES can transform your sales, profits, and your entire business…

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    Key Video Insights to Boost Your Business Without Big Investments

    • Human Decision Making How can you grow your business if you don’t know how to influence others?

    • Reciprocity We say ‘YES’ to people we owe

    • Liking We say ‘YES’ to people we like

    • Unity We say ‘YES’ to people who are “of us”

    • Social Proof We say ‘YES’ if those who are around us and like us do, too

    • Authority We say ‘YES’ if trustworthy experts recommend it

    • We say ‘YES’ to requests consistent with what we’ve already said or done

    • Scarcity We say ‘YES’ to opportunities that are limited in availability

    • Business Boost What's the smallest step you can take right now to achieve the results you want?

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    Persuasion Power Package

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    • 12 On-Demand E-Learning Modules led by Dr. Robert Cialdini

    • Supercharge your business through 12 compelling e-learning modules. In captivating videos, Dr. Robert Cialdini personally guides you through the science of persuasion and how to practically apply it to achieve your business goals.

    • 12 Live Teaching Sessions from our CEO Bas Wouters

    • Hand-picked by Dr. Cialdini, Bas Wouters teaches you in 12 live sessions groundbreaking persuasion tactics and shows examples of real-life business cases.

    • 12 Live Application Sessions to solve your own challenges

    • Collaborate with both influence and industry experts in monthly sessions, designed for problem-solving with the unique influence process.

    • Global Networking Opportunities

    • Expand your professional circle with business professionals worldwide. Remember, it's about who you know as much as what you know.

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    Why Persuasion is a Critical Business Skill?

    Research shows that non-sales jobs spend 41% of their workday influencing others. That's 24 minutes of every hour at work!

    And if you think that's a lot, top managers of Fortune 500 companies report spending 80% of their time convincing others.

    Sound familiar?

    • Cause > You have to keep repeating yourself because otherwise, it won't happen.

    • → Effect = You often feel stressed, tired, and irritated.

    • Cause > You don’t get much done during the day, so you work till late.

    • → Effect = You feel like you're facing challenges alone.

    • Cause > You spend a lot of your time putting out fires and applying band-aids.

    • → Effect = You're losing control and falling behind.

    No wonder “leadership and social influence” and “persuasion” are respectively named by World Economic Forum and Forbes as a top-3 power skill to learn in 2024.

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    Decide today, lead tomorrow

    Ask 100 of The Most Famous CEOs and Entrepreneurs*, including Elon Musk, Mark Cuban, and Jeff Bezos, and the book they most frequently mention is “Influence”.

    Are you ready to unlock the same skills that have been game-changers for these billionaires?

    Discover a systematic approach to persuading people and achieving your goals:

    • Boost conversions

    • Close more deals

    • Accelerate growth

    Whether in marketing, sales, leadership, negotiation, or communication, Dr. Cialdini’s Practitioner Program elevates your persuasive power.

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    “Influence is one of the two books that made me a billionaire” – Tobias Lütke, Founder Shopify

    Video Timestamp:

    » 00:00:00 - 00:10:00 — Discover the Revolutionary Approach of Groove's CEO Mike as he introduces Rob Nava and the game-changing AI technology behind hubart.

    » 00:10:00 - 00:20:00 — Dive Deep into the World of E-commerce with Rob as he shares insights on leveraging AI for profitable e-commerce in 2024 and beyond, including platforms like Groove cart, TikTok, and Shopify.

    » 00:20:00 - 00:30:00 — Unlock the Secrets to Generating Millions without traditional advertising as Rob reveals the new way of e-commerce that eliminates the need for upfront ad spend.

    » 00:30:00 - 00:40:00 — Explore Cutting-Edge Strategies for e-commerce success, learn about the potential of AI-driven tools and systems designed to boost efficiency and profitability.

    » 00:40:00 - 00:50:00 — Gain Exclusive Insights into the innovative hubart system that integrates with Groove to simplify e-commerce operations and enhance user experience with advanced AI.

    » 00:50:00 - 01:00:00 — Experience the Power of AI as Rob showcases how hubart’s AI creates seamless e-commerce experiences, demonstrating live how to streamline your online business.

    » 01:00:00 - 01:10:00 — Witness Real-Time Product Creation and deployment using hubart’s AI, showcasing the quick translation from idea to market-ready product on multiple platforms.

    » 01:10:00 - 01:20:00 — Get a Glimpse of Future E-commerce Technologies with a focus on hubart’s roadmap and how integrating AI can drastically reduce operational costs and increase market reach.

    » 01:20:00 - 01:30:00 — Learn From a Proven Leader in e-commerce, Rob shares personal anecdotes of his extensive experience and success, underlining the effectiveness of integrating AI in online sales.

    » 01:30:00 - 01:40:00 — Uncover the Full Potential of TikTok for E-commerce as Rob details the substantial impact of TikTok on e-commerce platforms and how businesses can leverage this growing trend. Would you like more bullet points or further details on any specific section?

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    Meet Your Your Expert — Bas Wouters

    Bas Wouters is a world-class expert in the science of persuasion, having achieved significant success in various industries, including finance, entrepreneurship, and online business. He collaborates closely with Dr. Robert Cialdini, co-authoring the best-selling book "Online Influence".

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