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    Video Timestamp:

    00:00:00-00:04:50 - Introduction from Tom Beal: welcoming Groovesters from around the world, and an introduction of today’s guest speaker

    00:04:50-00:08:47 - Questions to Groovesters by Jeff: who is using AI on a daily basis and which AI services are you using

    00:08:47-00:09:44 - How Did This Training Come to Be: Jeff worked with hundreds of successful entrepreneurs and noticed these common traits of working too hard.

    00:09:44-00:10:20 - Entrepreneurial Myths Debunked: Discover the three biggest lies you’ve been told about the entrepreneurial lifestyle. Prepare to have your eyes opened!

    00:10:20-00:11:54 - Meet Cathy: Once of Jeff’s highly successful clients with 7 kids, 4 frenchies and massive goals and overwhelm prior to implementing the strategies you’ll be learning today

    00:11:54-00:12:51 - Blame Tom Beal for Having Me Here: Tom DEMANDED Months Ago When He Saw it at a MasterMind I Share This Training With Groovesters

    00:12:51-00:16:58 - Who is Jeff J. Hunter & Why Should You Listen to Him: a recovering Fortune 500 IT Project Manager in a past life. 20+ Years in IT, founder of VA Staffer 150+ team of Virtual Assistants based in the Philippines. He's a contributor to Entrepreneur(.)com with a column on Remote Teams Column and AI, featured in Business Insider and even featured in this month's episode of Success Magazine along side Tony Robbins

    00:16:58-00:22:11 Master the Art of Leverage: Learn how to 'fire yourself' from mundane tasks, focus solely on growth, and multiply your efforts effortlessly. It’s about working smarter, not harder.

    00:22:11-00:24:40 - Talent Acquisition on a Budget: Uncover how to pack your business 'bus' with top-tier talent without breaking the bank, all thanks to innovative AI personas.

    00:24:40-00:47:20 - AI Persona Virtual Assistants: Imagine 90% of your workload—those tasks you dread—disappearing as AI-powered VAs take the helm.

    00:47:20-00:51:28 - Custom GPT Live Demonstration: On how to create viral social media posts

    00:51:28-00:57:14 - Let’s Get into Claude.ai: Live demonstration

    00:57:14-01:19:49 - Work Less, Achieve More: Escape the grind of 60-80 hour weeks. We’ll show you how to free yourself up to focus on what truly matters.

    01:19:49-01:22:18 - Meta AI Image Creation Live Demonstration: THIS will blow your mind…guaranteed!

    01:22:19-01:26:18 - Instant Productivity Surge: Gain a significant boost in productivity, simply and swiftly. It’s like hitting the turbo-charge button on your daily output!

    01:26:18-01:28:31 - The “AI Consultant Model: How it’s totally different from the ineffective human consultant model

    01:28:31-01:29:32 - AI Personas: The HUGE advantages over human counterparts

    01:29:32-01:35:24 - The Resume & Cover Letter GPT Live Demo: See how now you cannot trust ANY resume or cover letter you see submitted for any position including a VA

    01:35:24-02:10:06 - The AI Persona Method Explained: A breakdown of all that is included in this special offer for Groovesters

    02:10:06-02:24:17 - Jeff & Tom Recap and Answer all Questions

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    Meet Your Your Expert — Simon Leung

    Simon Leung - known as the Internet Insider and the Google Insider - is a world-renowned Internet entrepreneur, award-winning professional speaker, International best-selling author, digital marketing trainer, corporate consultant, business mentor and life coach.

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