How to Embed a Form

How to Embed a Form

Jun 27, 2023

There are a few ways to embed your GrooveMail Forms in websites:

  • Javascript
  • Raw HTML
  • GroovePages Elements

The Javascript and Raw HTML codes are given to you at the end of your form setup (shown above), but you can also find them by viewing your forms in GrooveMail and clicking the Actions menu next to your chosen form. You can click Embed Code and a popup will reveal your codes (shown below). So what's the difference between each?

The JavaScript code is the embed code we recommend most often. You can copy and paste this code onto any external site or blog and it will include formatting. If you prefer raw HTML without any formatting, Raw HTML Code is the option for you (shown below).

If you're using GroovePages, you have an even simpler option. In the GroovePages editor, click on "Elements" in the left sidebar (shown below).

Scroll down to the Groove Apps section (shown above), where you'll find the GrooveMail Form icon. Simply click and drag this icon onto your canvas (as shown below) to add a form directly to your website.

Click the settings gear to edit the form options (shown below). 

In the window that pops up, simply select the form you want to use (as shown below).