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How 3D Avatars Capture the 80% You're Missing in Just 9 Simple Steps

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    Wednesday, July 10th:

    - 1:30PM Eastern

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  • Meet Your Expert: Christina Hooper

  • As a Business Designer, Christina "Blue" Hooper is on a mission to revolutionize the entrepreneurial experience. She's all about changing the game for neurodivergent entrepreneurs. She knows it's all about understanding deeply, unlocking potential, and building businesses that aren't just successful but fulfilling.

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    Here Is What You Will Learn

    What we will cover in this training:

    • Unlock the Secret Path: Harness the hidden routes your customers take and be the guide with the right offer at the right time. Become the Yoda to their Luke on their journey to success.

    • Spot Windows of Opportunity: Notice the not-so-obvious moments to transform customer curiosity into a commitment. Think of it as having the inside scoop to a VIP event—everyone wants in.

    • Get Them Out of Their Own Way: Demystify customer psyches at each stage, ready with a Swiss Army knife of strategies to tackle those pesky brain gremlins.

    • Craft Offers The Right People Can't Ignore: Whip up irresistible offers that hit the sweet spot—where desire meets necessity. It's like matching the perfect wine with dinner; it just elevates the whole experience.

    • Be More Than A One-Hit Wonder: Use this one tool to create a legacy of offers, turning a brief encounter into a lifelong business relationship. You're not just a business acquaintance; you're becoming part of their success story.

    • Build Partnerships That Scale: Pinpoint strategic alliances like a matchmaking savant. Grow your business by connecting the dots that others can’t even see, creating a synergy that’s pure magic for your clients.

    • And SO much more!

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    It’s important to keep up as technology and effective strategies change rapidly. This is why the 7th Habit of Highly Effective People (thanks Steven Covey) is to sharpen the saw… to continue to learn what’s working now in this ever-changing economy from...

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    When you reserve your seat, you’ll get an email each week letting you know the expert for the week and how you can benefit from the information and strategies they will share. From time to time one of Groove’s own team members will do the training… and we’ve even featured brand new Groovesters and helped them launch their products through this series!

    Past topics include…

    • How "the little guy" can compete and win against big brands, and yes, even Amazon!

    • How to get 3.5 times more Facebook traffic than your competition

    • How to start and grow 3 separate 6 figure businesses at the same time by leveraging automation and copying a proven system

    • How to supercharge your sales on Instagram for beginners and experts

    • How to attract, grow, and serve an audience of loyal fans and repeat buyers

    • How to create an irresistible offer

    • How to create multiple streams of revenue

    And so much more. Don’t miss out on the next training!

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    What You Can Expect

    One of the big challenges entrepreneurs face is who to get advice from. We naturally lean on the people who are closest to us.. Family and friends… which is kind of like getting advice about a legal issue from your unqualified hair stylist. It’s misguided at best.

    It gets worse. Often these people are the dream-stealers that don’t believe that you can even make money online unless you’re a huge company like Amazon.

    But we know that isn’t true.

    And week after week you get to plug into an amazing webclass series full of people who are living the laptop lifestyle… running a business that lets them work when they want, where they want.

    With the GrooveDigital™ Presents series, you’ll be getting the right kind of help from the right kind of people….

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    What to do Now?

    If you haven’t reserved your seat by now, and you’re still reading… I imagine there’s one fear that’s holding you back… the feeling that you might waste your time and just be presented with all hype and pitch.

    Rest assured that we vet all of our presenters before they appear live. We work with them on their chosen topics, make sure they aren’t teaching things that are too basic or boring. We review their slides and content to ensure they are providing actionable information and high value.

    Sure, once they deliver some massive value to you, some of our speakers will let you know how you can continue to work with them further to implement what they’ve shown you. And Groove, being a smart marketing company, may earn affiliate commissions from those sales. But this only happens AFTER the speaker gives you some game-changing strategies that you can easily implement on your own.

    In fact, if you’re interested in affiliate marketing, you really want to sign up now and watch how Groove does it. Just being part of GrooveDigital™ Presents is a masterclass of affiliate marketing, webinar production and copywriting. You’ll want to read every word of our carefully crafted emails and add them to your swipe/inspiration file!

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