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Discover How To Make & “Flip” Niche News Sites For $2,000+ In 2 Weeks!

  • Where:
    Live webinar in your home, at your desk, on your phone, ANYWHERE.

  • When: 
    Wednesday, Mar. 23rd,
    - 1:30PM Eastern
    - 10:30AM Pacific
    - 5:30PM GMT

  • Meet Your Expert: Jay Cruiz 

  • Jay “Lion Tamer” Cruiz is best known as Partner and the integrity-driven Sales & Persuasion Expert behind 8-figure software companies PressCable & AmpiFire. He’s helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs gain the confidence to drive more traffic, sales and take bigger profits.

    Get Your FREE Ticket to Attend This Webinar

    Don't Miss This One Time Event!

    Here Is What You Will Learn

    What we will cover in this training:

    • How we’re able to create semi-automated crypto sites in less than 30 minutes, which you can then sell on for $100’s and $1,000’s of dollars a few weeks later...

    • The HOTTEST type of site this niche is STARVING for and examples that have sold for up to $4,050 even with NO TRAFFIC...

    • The Hidden “Multiplier” Metric that makes the difference between a site that sells for $150 and a site that sells for $2,000+ and more (hint: it’s not traffic or revenue!)...

    • The single 30 minute task you MUST do after you’ve set your site up, to shift the “Multiplier” metric in your favor and send it into 4-5 figure value territory...

    • Why this is a “Once In A Generation” opportunity exists as a $2.7 trillion niche with almost 7,000 obvious opportunities is exploding...

    • Our “6 Levels Deep” method that turns those 7,000 untapped opportunities into over 70,000+ zero competition opportunities for traffic and sales...

    • The TWO underground software tools that turn a slow, complicated, expensive and high-tech task into something you can do easily and in less than an hour, filling in a form and with a few clicks...

    • Why our students are choosing NOT to sell these sites (even when they hit $2,000+ value...!)

    • How you can start doing it yourself, this week.

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    What Happens After You Signed Up With Us

    When you reserve your seat, you’ll get an email each week letting you know the expert for the week and how you can benefit from the information and strategies they will share. From time to time one of Groove’s own team members will do the training… and we’ve even featured brand new Groovesters and helped them launch their products through this series!

    Past topics include…

    • How "the little guy" can compete and win against big brands, and yes, even Amazon!

    • How to get 3.5 times more Facebook traffic than your competition

    • How to start and grow 3 separate 6 figure businesses at the same time by leveraging automation and copying a proven system

    • How to supercharge your sales on Instagram for beginners and experts

    • How to attract, grow, and serve an audience of loyal fans and repeat buyers

    • How to create an irresistible offer

    • How to create multiple streams of revenue

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