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  • By The Groove Marketing Team

  • “The Priceless Ingredient: Your Success

    While other companies only train you on how to use their products, we decided to go the extra mile and do something above and beyond normal app training.

    Sure, we’ve got plenty of training videos, articles, and social media groups to keep you up to date with our apps. But we know it takes more than that.

    We know that to be a success, you need to improve and hone your most valuable instrument: YOURSELF.

    So, we created an entire program – a year-long, twice-a-week program – to deliver training that will make a big difference in your life, both personally and professionally.

    We know you want more than "How To" information. You want to sharpen your skills for success, no matter what you do.

    Personal success training has a long and illustrious history. It starts as far back as the Ancient Greeks and Romans: Marcus Aurelius, Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, and expanded with other religious leaders and texts over the centuries. The art and science of being successful has always been a crucial focus of humanity throughout history.

    More recently, people like Napoleon Hill, Orison Swett Marden, Earl Nightingale, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, and many others have taken up the torch of delivering the "How To" of success.

    We all crave to be successful. Learning about how others achieved their success is the key to unlocking your own results.

    You could spend thousands of dollars buying courses on the subject that don’t work for you.

    It’s just too important to leave it up to chance. So, that’s why we’ve put together this GrooveGrowth program for you.

    And we decided to make it a part of both the free and paid memberships at no extra cost.

    Each week for a year, throughout 2022, we deliver the program in two parts.

    The first part we call INSPIRATIONS. They provide something to reflect on to keep us going.

    The second part we call PROGRAMS. The skills, mindset shifts, and lessons that take us to the next level.

    This is GrooveGrowth - we all look forward to your success!”

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    September - Rituals & Habits

    Learn more about Rituals & Habits and Inspirations

  • Grow Your Mind. Build Your Success.

  • Get Inspired.

  • August - Love & Compassion

    Fill yourself with love and compassion to see massive life transformation.

  • The Blessing of a Crisis: Explore how to live a full life with James Weeks, a “Babalawo” or spiritual priest in the tradition of West Africa, as he takes us on a journey of listening and opening up to our true potential.

  • Transform your mind so you can accomplish absolutely anything with the author, entrepreneur, and extreme adventurer Croix Sather.

  • Do you know the difference between the “personality” keeping you stuck and the “true identity” that helps you step into your full potential? Unlock the difference with Deidre Siriani, a transformational guide and coach.

  • July - Perseverance & Commitment

    When the going gets tough, it pays to keep going. Discover how to go deep in this month’s GrooveGrowth.

  • Get After It And Go For It! Immerse yourself in the powerful lessons of resilience and persistence in Lessons from the CEO with Harlan Reichle, CEO of Reichle | Klein.

  • Discover the 7 Principles of Feminine Leadership with coach Amy Walker to help both men and women accelerate wealth and success.

  • Authentic Leadership comes from extreme self-awareness. Receive incredible gems from Robert Glazer, a CEO with years of Inc 500 experience, in Lessons from the CEO.

  • June - Relationship & Teamwork

    Teamwork and relationships in business are everything. Get the most out of them in this month’s GrooveGrowth.

  • Discover why doing the right thing always wins, how learning from mistakes is the only way to prosperity, and the value of always “sharpening your saw” in Lessons from the CEO with Russell Schulte, the CEO of ABIS.

  • Be an Influential Voice and discover from Tricia Brouk how to amplify your voice to serve the world, co-exist with fear, and how choreography, even in a Zoom call, is critical.

  • Join us in Lessons from the CEO with Gail Davis, CEO of GDA Speakers, and explore how to come back strong when a pandemic decimates your business.

  • May - Motivation & Inspiration

    Get inspired and crank up your motivation in May!

  • Access invaluable Lessons from the CEO with Laird Goldsborough, who over 30 years went from employee to CEO and Owner. He imparts his strategies, ideas, and lessons that apply to all of us who are striving for business success.

  • Unveil and Release Your Superpowers with chakra expert Margaret Lynch to take your business game to the next level.

  • Expand your mind by putting the love back into your business. Discover how being heart-centered can hugely benefit all aspects of our lives.

  • April - Leadership & Encouragement

    Explore the qualities for great leadership to:

  • Discover the get-it-done methods and strategies for rapid success with Gary Ryan Blair, “The Goals Guy”, who’s trained elite military groups like the Navy SEALS.

  • Unlock The Profit of Kindness with Jill Lublin and understand how being kind, patient, and generous leads to greater happiness AND profitability.

  • Discover Your WHY and Your MindType. Who are YOU? What is your WHY? Authenticity is the new currency that is crucial for success and happiness.

  • March - Fitness & Health

    Good physical and mental health is the cornerstone foundation for any prosperous entrepreneur.

  • Join fellow Groovester Tristan Truscott on a journey of physical discovery as you learn how to tap, bounce, squeeze, shake and flow yourself into far greater levels of success.

  • Burst Your Limiting Beliefs with author and international speaker Jackie Simmons, who shows you how to leave behind what’s holding you back.

  • Learn how to Build Your Body Like A Business with Mike Sparkman with his revolutionary approach to health and fitness.

  • February - Optimism & Attitude

    To flourish you need optimism and the right attitude.

  • Join Personal Growth Leader Natalie Ledwell in a discussion about emotional frequency, neural pathways, and manifesting with gratitude so you can unblock your limiting beliefs and attract what you want.

  • Say “Yes, For Success!” with mentor Debra Ponemon as she shares how you can rewire your brain to get the results you desire.

  • … and so much more, including a Q&A with Donna Fox and Ridgely Goldsborough.

  • January - Goals & Dreams

    It’s time to dream BIG. January is all about Goals and Dreams.

  • Explore the Philosophy of Goal Setting so you know what works and what doesn’t and how to set effective goals with Donna Fox.

  • Unlock the power of the 80/20 Rule with CEO Mike Sparkman to reach success in life and business.

  • Learn why accountability is so important when going after your goals and dreams with expert marketer and coach Angie Norris.

  • Our Experts on your Journey

    The Groove Marketing Team

    Groove's million-dollar marketing team will help you "Get It Done in 2022!"

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