GrooveKart: International Settings

GrooveKart: International Settings

Apr 14, 2023

International settings are important for what countries you are serving with your store. First, you will set what language your store is in. This is set up in the checklist setup wizard (as shown below) and cannot be changed after using that page.

The rest of the International Settings can be seen and changed by clicking the Settings gear in the sidebar, and selecting "International" (as shown below). The rest of this tutorial will explain the settings in that area, but they are the same settings as shown previously above.

When you visit the International Settings, the first tab will be the language your store is set in (shown below). This is currently unchangeable.

Currencies (the second tab, shown below) allows you to choose what currencies you accept as payment for your products. Groove automatically updates the currency rate every hour, to ensure that your prices are shown to some accuracy.

You will choose a default currency using the dropdown menu. You can choose additional currencies by clicking the X to the far right of the currency you want to add. Once the currency has a checkmark, that currency is enabled for your store. Alternatively, you can enable all currencies by using the toggled near the top.

The final three tabs are Zones, Countries, and States. Each of these sets where your store is located, and the regions it serves.

Make sure to click Save in the upper right corner after making any changes to your settings.