GroovePages Instant Edit Bookmarklet

GroovePages Instant Edit Bookmarklet

Jan 12, 2023

For this tutorial, you will need the GroovePages Instant Edit Bookmarklet, which can be downloaded here. When added properly, this bookmark allows you to instantly transport yourself to GroovePages to edit your page.

First, copy the entire code, everything in the text document you downloaded (as shown below).

Then head to Chrome, and make sure your bookmarks bar is visible. Now, create a new bookmark of any page by clicking the star.

Now right click the bookmark and click Edit. Rename it to "Edit GroovePage" then highlight the URL and paste the code that you copied earlier (as shown below).

If you already have a lot of bookmarks, the new one might not be immediately visible. You can click the arrows to find it (as shown below), and drag it over into place. Or edit one of your existing bookmarks that you no longer need.

When you save the bookmark and visit a page you've previously created in Groove, you can click the bookmark and you're ready to edit!