Managing Your RSS Feed

Managing Your RSS Feed

Jun 13, 2023

RSS feeds provide a convenient way to receive updates and new content from websites or blogs without manually visiting each site. GrooveBlog's RSS feed management provides flexibility and control over the content you release. 

To manage your RSS feed in GrooveBlog, click on the settings gear icon in the sidebar of your dashboard (as shown above). From the settings menu, navigate to the "RSS Settings" tab (shown below).

In the "RSS Settings" tab, you can specify what is displayed in the RSS feed for "Author" (shown below). This could be your name or the name of your blog. 

GrooveBlog allows you to choose the types of posts to include in your RSS feed. You have three options:

  • All Posts: Include all posts in the RSS feed.
  • Popular Posts: Include only the most popular posts in the RSS feed.
  • Specific Posts (shown below): Refine the feed by selecting categories and/or specific posts within those categories using the drop-down menu.

Customize your RSS feed by selecting the desired post types and saving your changes. You will then be given the URL to your RSS feed.