Optimizing SEO for Your Product

Optimizing SEO for Your Product

Oct 26, 2023

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can significantly improve the discoverability of your product. Optimizing these SEO elements can greatly improve your product's visibility across search engines and social media platforms, driving more traffic and potential sales.

The first two areas, Meta title and description (shown above), are specifically used by search engines. Compose a title and concise desciption that encapsulates the essence of your product, making it relevant and engaging.

The Friendly URL (shown below) is a user-friendly and descriptive URL for your product. Add something here that incorporates relevant keywords and product information, but is also short and easy to read.

Open Graph (OG) Settings (shown above) are used to enhance how your product appears when shared on social media platforms. You can choose a title, description, and upload an image for the preview.