Unleashing the Power of Product Bundles

Unleashing the Power of Product Bundles

Oct 26, 2023

Product bundles can incentivize customers to purchase related items together and enjoy attractive discounts. By providing product bundles, you can stimulate customers to explore a collection of related items while benefiting from appealing discounts.

The first area "Available Bundle Discounts for this Product" (shown below) lists all bundles that this product is already included in.

The second area, "All Bundle Discounts" (shown above) is a list of all the bundle discounts available across your store's product range. Click the "+ New Bundle" button to initiate the creation of a new bundle (shown below).

Type and search for products to add to your bundle and add the discount in Percentage % (as shown above). Click "Create Bundle" and the bundle will be added to the first area as well as the second.