Using Amazon-SES in GrooveMail

Using Amazon-SES in GrooveMail

Dec 18, 2022

Step 1: Login at Amazon Console (click here to visit page).

Step 2: Search for SES in the AWS Console and open "Amazon Simple Email Service".

Step 3: On AWS SES dashboard, get the Server Name/ SMTP endpoint and create new SMTP credentials. You will get a username and password.

Step 4: Go to Configuration set option from the left menu.

  • Create a new set and give name as per your choice (copy the name to save it in the sender details).
  • Go to the configuration set just created and select "Event destinations" tab.
  • Click on add a new destination and select the events(Open, Click, Bounce, Complaint) to be tracked and click next.
  • Select "Amazon SNS" in step 2 as the destination type and give it a name. Create a SNS Topic below and click on next and save the destination details in step 3.
  • Step 5: Search for SNS in the AWS Console and open "Simple Notification Service".

    Step 6: Select the "Topics" option from left menu and open the topic you created and create a new subscription.

  • Select HTTPS as the protocol.
  • Copy webhook url from GrooveMail Sender(shown below) & Enter the webhook url as the endpoint.
  • Step 7: Fill all the entries and create the sender.