What Can I Do With A Free Plan?

What Can I Do With A Free Plan?

Jul 14, 2023

Groove.cm is the most powerful all-in-one platform on the market and, incredibly, there is a free version with a HUGE amount of features! You even get access to bonus features for your first 30 days. After this, your account is "Free Lite".

Let's look at what you get for both in all apps...

For the first 30 days of your free Groove.cm account, you'll enjoy GrooveMail's 'Start Up Free' plan. It provides 500 contacts and a limit of 2,500 monthly emails. This plan includes access to our Premium Email Builder and Professional Templates, enhancing your ability to create compelling emails. Keep in mind, this plan doesn't permit the import or export of leads, and only third-party SMTP services can be used to send your emails.

After your trial, the 'Free Lite' plan kicks in. While retaining the 500-contact limit and the 2,500 monthly email sends, this plan reverts the email builder and templates to their basic versions, still excluding lead import or export.

The 'Start Up Free' plan allows unlimited custom domains, access to all templates, unlimited pages, integrations, webhooks, import of funnels, and creation of branded pages. However, features such as subdomains, sharing of pages or sites, exporting sites, custom embeds, and source code buttons aren't included.

Switching to the 'Free Lite' plan will limit you to one custom domain, 25 pages, and the ability to import funnels and create branded pages. The loss of access to all templates, integrations, webhooks, and custom embeds carries over, alongside the limitations on sharing and exporting sites and access to source code buttons.

For both GrooveSell and GrooveKart, the 'Start Up Free' plan offers a lower store fee of 5% and access to multiple payment gateways like GroovePay, Stripe, and PayPal. With GrooveKart, you can create unlimited stores, but won't have additional admin access.

Upon moving to the 'Free Lite' plan, the store fee rises to 10%, but you retain access to the same payment gateways. In GrooveKart, you can still create unlimited stores, but with a higher store fee and limited payment gateways.

In the 'Start Up Free' plan, GrooveMember allows creation of up to 2 memberships with unlimited access levels, unlimited courses, templates, and portals. After transitioning to the 'Free Lite' plan, you can create a single membership with one access level and course, and unlimited templates. The unlimited portals feature, however, will no longer be available.

In the GrooveBlog app, during your Start Up Free plan, you'll have the ability to create an unlimited number of blogs, allowing you to manage multiple blogs and expand your online presence with ease.

After switching to the Free Lite plan, you'll be limited to creating and managing just 1 blog. This plan still allows you to maintain a basic online presence with essential blogging features.

In the GrooveVideo app, both during your Start Up Free plan and after switching to the Free Lite plan, you'll have the ability to use YouTube for video hosting. This means you can easily embed and manage as many YouTube videos on Groove as you'd like. However, you will not have the option to host videos directly with Groove in either Start Up Free or Free Lite.

The 'Start Up Free' plan in GrooveWebinar permits creation of up to 3 automated evergreen webinars, using GrooveVideo linked to YouTube. You can also build webinars, but not publish them. After transitioning to the 'Free Lite' plan, you will lose the ability to create new webinars using the GrooveWebinar app, but can still build them without publishing.

Other Features

The 'Start Up Free' plan allows access to 3rd party email and integrations, with a 20% commission on any sales made. Neither plan offers the GDPro feature or team members options.

While both plans offer a considerable suite of features, the 'Start Up Free' plan gives a taste of the full potential of Groove.cm. Whether you're a novice or a pro, Groove.cm has a plan that caters to your needs, supporting your growth every step of the way.