Using Exit Popups

Using Exit Popups

May 19, 2023

An exit pop-up is a pop-up that's shown to a visitor when their cursor leaves the browser window. First, you will need to create a popup in your site by clicking "Pages," navigating to Popups, and clicking the plus button.

Once you have created a popup, click the three dots next to it, and choose "Edit Settings" (shown below).

In the settings menu, under "Type", select "Exit" (shown below). This will configure your popup to appear when a visitor's cursor leaves the browser window.

Next, you will need to specify which pages you want to show this exit popup on (or hide it from, by using the dropdown marked "On which page this popup appears"). Using the dropdown menu "Select Pages", select the pages where you want the exit pop-up to appear (shown below).

Lastly, you can choose the popup behavior (shown below) either showing the popup on every visit or only on the first visit.